• Custom Design

    Illumus main focus is to develop lighting solutions according to the requirements of each client.

    We are dedicated to understand our client’s aspirations and develop products “Custom designed” according to each description, defining efficient lighting solutions, with their own personality.

    "We intend to create emotions to be applied and illuminate in comfort"

  • Custom design Chandeliers

    In order to be able to cover the needs required by our customers, we have extended the range of products with personalized design to various models of chandeliers (table, floor , ceiling and wall lights).
    We use brass and other noble metals components plated with gold, silver, nickel and bronze.

    Our objective is based on developing and customizing any custom made piece in partnership with our customers, reinforcing our commitment to satisfy their needs, tastes and projects.

    Our way of innovating involves adapting to each market and each customer. For this reason, we present an increasingly diversified offer, adapted to increasingly particular tastes and trends, always seeking to aim at the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Mirrors

    The idea of ILLUMUS mirror line came about due to the great difficulty of the public in finding exclusive, differentiated mirrors in the market with dimensions depending on the project.

    Thus, under the motto "Experience and Competence" and thinking about the satisfaction of our customers, we decided to maintain our proactive stance and developed decorative mirrors with or without lighting, thus being able to offer integrated solutions for the most adverse projects that may arise.

    We develop mirrors with or without lighting and according to each project

  • Lampshade

    Our objective is to manufacture customized lampshades for any type of project.

    The lampshades can be manufactured and customized according to each project and to the taste of each client, using a wide variety of fabrics:


    - Silks

    - Linens

    - Cotton

    - Metal Sheets 

    - PVC Sheets 

    - Cork Sheets 

    - Wood


    We have no dimensional limits, we study each order and develop the lampshades required without minimum quantity requirements.

    Our goal is to create personalized lampshades Regardless of the quantity in order to satisfy our client with rigor and quality.

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